Mr. Meat Master

Mr. Meat Master’s goal is to change the meat industry and the way people consume meat, protect the health of the customer, and ensure the animals are well-treated.

The Mr. Meat Master Program

The Mr. Meat Master TV program focuses on discovering where the best beef comes from.

Rafael Hernandez and his dedicated team are a driving force in the food and meat industry. Their plan is to introduce the world’s best beef to as many talented and experienced chefs as possible.

Tag along on this journey and discover everything there is to know about the meat industry—including the best cuts and Mr. Meat Master’s rise in international beef distribution.

Episode 1: Redefining the World of Beef

Accompany Rafael on his journey to the American Great Plains to learn more about cattle ranches and the complexity of beef processing.

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Episode 2: Harry’s Steakhouse

Pay a visit to Mexico City’s best steakhouse—Harry's Steakhouse—and meet Executive Chef Diego Sobrino, Rafael’s potential business partner.

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Episode 3: The Palm

Join Rafael as he rushes to impress his next sales visit at The Palm Restaurant: the young, up-and-coming Chef Louis Ronquillo.

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Season 1 and 2 Now on Youtube!

A Sneak PeEk Into the Meat Industry

Curious about the inner workings of cattle farming and the meat industry? Let Mr. Meat Master introduce you to the world of ethical cattle rearing, the complexity of beef processing, and our role in successful distribution to some of the world’s best restaurants.


Meet Mr. Meat Master

Rafael Hernandez is committed to changing the way the world appreciates the finest quality meat and offers his support to several top food gourmet brands. He is driven by his passion for the industry and is continuously striving to learn how to distribute the best cuts and contribute to exceptional meals.

He makes sure to place his focus on sustainable manufacturing and production processes, encouraging ethical cattle farming and the humane treatment of animals. Mr. Meat Master works with and supports brands like Creekstone Farms, Tajima Wagyu, Carrara Wagyu, Jack Creek Wagyu, and W. Black Wagyu.

Why Rafael is the Meat Master

At the end of the day, Rafael’s goal is to inform and educate people and companies on the best kinds of meat and the benefits of ethical cattle farming. He strives to change the industry as it is and knows how to overcome its challenges.

Mr. Meat Master is internationally acknowledged and honored. He has nearly three decades of experience, coaching and promoting the world’s finest gourmet food brands.

His motto is to change things for the better.

Reach out to us and experience how Mr. Meat Master can change and support your brand today.

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